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Birth Processing // Birth Trauma

  • Have you experienced or witnessed a difficult or even traumatic birth?
  • Do you frequently find yourself revisiting moments from your birth experience in your thoughts?
  • Did your birth go as planned, yet it left you feeling surprised or disappointed?
  • Is it challenging to just “move on” and “get over it”?
  • Does it bother you or make you feel isolated when people say, “But you have a healthy baby, isn’t that all that matters?” Or conversely, do you find yourself clinging to the notion that “A healthy baby is all that matters,” while simultaneously feeling like you’re losing your own sense of self?
  • Are you considering having another child, but does the thought of giving birth again feels too overwhelming?

You are not alone! I invite you to schedule birth processing sessions, where your story can be felt, processed, and integrated into your life. These meetings will support you to carry your birth story in a new way.

During the meetings, I bring my expertise and knowledge from the field of birth while you bring your unique experiences and story. There is no requirement to reveal every detail with words, although you are free to do so if you choose to. The B.O.T. meetings offer a safe and supportive environment where emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations can be freely expressed without any judgment. We will delve into different aspects of your story and experiences to gain a deeper understanding and connection with these experiences. During our meetings, we will ask, maybe pause for a moment, move our thoughts, sometimes even move physically to take another viewpoint, and most importantly: discover – while you are always in full control about which steps you want to do.

Types of Meetings

OFFER: Participants of the birth preparation course (including online), doula clients or birth processing group participants receive a 10% discount

Refunds: Within 6 months of birth, refunds through the kupot cholim may be applicable.

Please note, that these sessions do not replace psychological long-term therapy, we are not working on changing behaviors, on childhood trauma etc.

Contact me if you have questions or want to schedule a meeting.

The Background

Birth is not a neutral event. A woman’s life experiences can significantly impact her birthing experience. And the birth experience has a long-lasting effect on the woman’s life.

Statistics show that one-third of mothers consider the birth of their child to be traumatic. One in three women experience sexual assault during their lifetime, while one in seven women experience rape. In Israel, more than 26,000 women undergo fertility treatments annually. There are 1,200 stillbirths and 16,000 terminations every year.

These are just a few examples of experiences that can trigger emotional challenges and have a significant impact on the field of childbirth, which encompasses fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences. As a birth educator with an academic background in gender studies and expertise in understanding sexual violence, I was anyway surprised about the profound effect it had on their childbirth journeys. I was taken aback by how many women emerged from the birthing experience feeling shocked, traumatized, and vulnerable. Additionally, I was surprised by the isolation that women and couples often experience during fertility treatments and the emotional toll it takes on them. Furthermore, I was shocked to learn how frequently the loss of pregnancy leaves women and men feeling lost and alone.

Recognizing the importance of providing trauma-informed care to support women and couples in these challenging situations, I studied to become a certified B.O.T. facilitator.


A Place for Emotional Challenges

B.O.T. (Birth Oriented Thinking) is a field that focuses on emotional processes in the field of birth, such as birth processing and emotional birth preparation for survivors of sexual harassment, abuse and assault. B.O.T. sessions provide a safe space for individuals to address and process emotional difficulties related to fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Preparing and Processing

Meetings can serve as a platform for processing past experiences such as birth, loss of breastfeeding, miscarriages, invasive medical examinations, or fertility treatments. Furthermore, they can provide an opportunity to address emotions and challenges associated with an upcoming birth experience, including emotional challenges before becoming pregnant, challenges faced by survivors of sexual abuse while pregnant, difficult birth decisions, and fears related to upcoming medical exams or procedures.

Rite of Passage

The birth of a child is not simply a physical occurrence, but a profound experience that transforms both the body and mind. Unfortunately, the emotional aspects of fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are often neglected in our society and health care system. B.O.T. meetings provide a safe and supportive environment where you can express, explore, and better comprehend the emotions you experience during you journey.

I also offer B.O.T. meetings before birth; you can learn more about them here: