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Birth Preparation

Birthing Classes

KBBirth – Birth Your Way in Israel

What’s offered:

Reimbursements from your health fund & hospital for birth prep courses!

The Knowledge-Based Birth Preparation Course is designed to 100% prepare you for pregnancy, birth, and beyond. You will learn everything you need to confidently and calmly navigate this journey in Israel.

It empowers you to find your unique path to birth. It walks you through diverse options and techniques. From practical tools to understanding the emotional side of birth through active birth, B.O.T., and hypnobirthing, this course provides comprehensive preparation. It guides you through a journey to find out what suits you best.


Understanding Birth

  • So, What is Birth?
  • How Birth Happens: What Moms and Babies Go Through Together
  • Using What We Know About Birth to Make It a Positive Experience
  • Creating a Supportive Birth Environment


Emotions and Relaxation

  • Addressing Fears: Fears as a Chance to Thrive
  • Boosting Confidence with a Balance of Acceptance of the Hard, Positive Thinking and Mindfulness
  • Learning Relaxation Techniques for a More Comfortable Birth, Hypnobirthing Tools


Birth from a Medical Perspective

  • The Medical Side of Birth: Knowing About Interventions & Medical Pain Relief Options
  • Insight into Israeli Maternity Care
  • Making Informed Choices: Understanding Your Options & Rights


Practical Skills for Labor

  • Preparing for Labor: Practical Tips for a Smoother Experience, Covering Positions, Movements, and Practical Tools.
  • Building Your Toolkit for Birth: Coping Strategies and Comfort Measures for a More Comfortable Experience, Pain Management


Birth Planning and Beyond

  • Personalized Birth Plans for Different Scenarios: Crafting Yours for an Empowering Birth – for Any Type of Birth
  • What to Expect After Birth: Preparing for the Postpartum Journey
  • Introduction to (Breast)feeding


After Birth: Processing & Navigating

  • Processing Your Birth Experience: Finding First Closure and Healing
  • Transitioning to Post-Birth Life: Navigating Challenges and Celebrating Life
  • Strengthen your Body and Mind after Birth

Discover How KBBirth Empowered Parents-to-Be Like You

Before doing this course I was fearful over giving birth. But I have to commend Lea Reichel for an incredible course. Not only is it full of rich information about the whole birthing process but Lea is a fantastic birthing coach, always being available for any questions you may have.
This course allows you to prepare at your own speed, rewatch videos for information and amazing content to download in order to be 100% prepared for the big day.
I definitely recommend this course!

– Adina, online course
Amazing course, super informative and clearly explained practical knowledge.
I had Lea as my Doula as well, and she was a calming presence in the room, guiding me by telling me what to expect at every stage as the stages were happening. This contributed to my having a a positive birth experience. I highly recommend her, both for the course and as a Doula.

Elisheva&Avi, online course & doula
I highly recommend Knowledge Based Birth to any couple going through pregnancy. The instructor is passionate, knowledgeable and so welcoming. She gave us a wide array of knowledge which helped us prepare for the birth, helped us during the labor process and afterwards as well. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with the course and how much it impacted us during this special time in our lives.

-Avi&Ilana, private course
I cannot thank you enough for the course and your amazing support. I managed to breath properly and remain calm with the tools we learned. My husband was an amazing birth partner, as was my mom. Your course was invaluable for the birth. My husband and I were both prepared and felt comfortable advocating for ourselves.

-D&E, private course
Lea’s course was extremely comprehensive and thorough, and really walked me through every aspect of the lead up to labour and labour itself! I found it very informative and useful to know what to expect, and the practical tools to help me through the journey were extremely valuable. The supporting material and documents were also very helpful to have. Lea was always available and responsive to any questions along the way which was much appreciated!

-Joella, online course
We really enjoyed working with Lea in the KBBirth Preparation course! Not only was she professional and prepared but we also appreciated all of the extra handouts, research, and guided meditations. The course itself covered so many topics and allowed us to discuss fears during birth, learn breathwork and helpful poses, and also covered very helpful topics like postpartum and medical interventions. We highly recommend working with Lea and appreciate her knowledge and attitude very much!

-Tal, private course


This course empowers you with knowledge about how birth functions, fostering trust in your body and providing practical tools for a more comfortable birth. It also equips you to make informed decisions that align with your unique needs and preferences by understanding the benefits and risks of different birth options and medical interventions.


The course offers instruction in various techniques like relaxation, massage, movements, and breathing to release feel-good hormones, optimizing your body for birth. These techniques are beneficial throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, adaptable to any birth type.


The knowledge gained from this course enhances relaxation, self-assurance, and your ability to advocate for yourself and your baby. This newfound confidence becomes the centerpiece of your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience, regardless of the specific circumstances surrounding your baby’s birth.

The KBB Approach

  • Realistic: Providing a realistic view of childbirth, acknowledging its uniqueness for every woman.
  • Inclusive: Emphasizing that your birth experience is personal; preparing for all possibilities with inclusive language for any birth.
  • Humanized: Recognizing the importance of birth as a significant life event.
  • Women-Centered: Prioritizing your needs, expectations, and choices.
  • Body-Positive: Embrace your body’s abilities and the diversity of birthing experiences.
  • Evidence-Based: The course is regularly updated with the latest medical and scientific advancements.

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