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Postpartum Period

For new, or not so new, parents in Israel

Postpartum Support

What’s offered:

As new parents, whether experiencing parenthood for the first, second, third time, or beyond, the postnatal period can evoke a mix of emotions and uncertainties. However, you do not need to navigate this journey alone. I offer comprehensive support through this transformative time.

The birth processing sessions offer a safe and supportive space for you to reflect on your birth experience, process any emotions or even traumatic parts of the story, and begin the journey towards healing and closure, whether you choose to engage in private birth processing sessions right after birth, months or years later, or prefer to join a group. Private sessions offer personalized guidance and support tailored to your unique circumstances, while the group sessions provide a supportive community of fellow parents navigating similar experiences.

As part of my postnatal services, I also offer the “Closing of the Body/Bones” ritual that honors the postpartum body and spirit and allows you to focus solely on yourself for some hours, giving yourself permission to close this rite of passage that birth is. It can also be combined with birth processing. It is a beautiful way to honor your journey through childbirth and embrace the transformative power of the postpartum period.