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Who is behind KBBirth?

Hi there, I’m Lea! I am a doula, birth educator, doula, mother, wife, daughter, and historian. My fascination with birth began when I had my first child, as I was truly amazed by the incredible power it holds for women and their families. My mission is to provide compassionate support to women and their partners, helping them have a positive and fulfilling experience throughout their fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey.

Originally from Germany, I now call Jerusalem home, where I live with my husband and our wonderful sons. I speak English, German, and Hebrew (all my birth-related studies I did in Hebrew).

Education in the birth field:

  • Certified Birth Doula דולה מוסמכת – trained in אמנות הלידה (Israeli equivalent to Cappa training), 2023
  • Birth Oriented Thinking certified facilitator, B.O.T. מוסמכת – trauma-informed care, birth processing, birth prep after sexual violence, support for women who go through fertility treatments, miscarriage, stillbirth, etc. (basic + advanced training), 2022-2023
  • Birth Education – Hypnobirthing, DipHB(KGH), (accredited by the Royal College of Midwives UK), 2020-2021
  • Closing the Body – bodywork “closing the bones” training by Sarah Froind, 2024
  • Certified Prenatal Massage & Touch Therapist – training by Arielle Cohen, laledet school, 2024
my philosophy

Rite of Passage

Giving birth is a huge deal. It’s not just popping out a baby; it’s a major shift from one life phase to another.

When I had my first child, I realized how impactful and transformative the experience was. Before getting pregnant, like many, I thought birth was inherently dangerous and painful and you just had to get through it to meet your baby. But I did my homework, prepped a lot, and even though I had to go for an induction due to medical reasons, my husband and I were all in – making informed decisions and being super active in the whole process. It turned out to be a positive experience that left a mark on me. The mix of crazy physical and emotional processes, along with this wild sense of empowerment, got me hooked.

At the same time, I’ve heard so many stories of women going through traumatic experiences and feeling totally powerless during childbirth. It was frustrating seeing how a lot of women in Israel weren’t getting the prep and care they needed. I decided that I wanted to help other women navigate their own unique childbirth journeys. So, I got certified as a birth educator, did B.O.T. training, and eventually became a doula. Now, I’m all about giving comprehensive support, sharing knowledge and tools, and tailoring everything to fit each woman’s needs.

My academic background might seem unrelated – Jewish Studies and History B.A., History M.A., and ongoing Ph.D. in Jewish Gender History – but it actually gives me a good theoretical base. Gender has been a big theme in my studies, which helps me look at birth from different angles. Plus, my research skills from academia make me a bit of a “birth nerd,” always diving into the latest studies and staying updated when it comes to birth related topics in research.

To step up my game in supporting women, I’ve gone through loads of training in trauma-informed care, emotional birth prep, birth processing, and more. I want to create a supportive safe space where people can openly talk about their fears, worries, and wishes for birth, and I’m all about giving them the tools and info to make choices that match their preferences.

For me, birth isn’t just a physical thing; it’s a transformative and sacred rite of passage. It shapes who you are, boosts your confidence, and connects you to your own strength. As a doula, birth educator, and academic, my gig is all about giving support, solid advice, and evidence-based care to moms and dads-to-be. I’m all about blending real-world wisdom with the nerdy stuff, helping women navigate their fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journeys with confidence, strength, and a good dose of joy.

The primary areas of focus in my work are

  • Birth Preparation – I assist expecting parents in preparing for birth and help them determine what is best for their individual situation.
  • Birth Support – I accompany women and families through the journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum, ensuring continuous care.
  • Emotional Support – I support women and families who are facing emotional challenges related to birth, such as a previous difficult birth experience, sexual abuse impacting pregnancy and birth, or fertility issues.
  • “Cultural Translator” – I guide Olot and other immigrants through the maternity care system and ensure that their voices are heard.

My Vision

I believe that every woman should be able to choose her own way of giving birth. It doesn’t matter if she is loud or quiet, if she gives birth at home or in a hospital, or if she chooses to use an epidural, opioids, rely on hugs, or simply on her own instincts. Giving birth can take place in a pool, a theater, on a bed, couch, standing, lying, or kneeling. I believe that comprehensive birth preparation and personalized support are key to ensuring a positive birth experience for both the pregnant woman and her partner. Knowledge empowers expecting parents to make informed and autonomous decisions, and techniques aid in supporting the birth process and embracing it as a transformative rite of passage.