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Group Birth Processing Jerusalem

Birth Processing & Mom Circle

A place for moms to come together and spend time processing their experiences of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

This Birth Processing & Mom Circle Group in Jerusalem offers a warm and supportive space for connecting and processing parts of your pregnancy-birth-postpartum experiences using the B.O.T. approach. Each week, we’ll explore a different topic, creating space for your experiences, dismantle the story, see it from different perspectives equipping you with practical tools to navigate this period, and fostering moments of togetherness.

It’s for women who’ve experienced birth trauma, as well as those who want a space to talk about and process their feelings connected to any part of their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey.

70 NIS/meeting, 280 NIS for all 4 meetings

If you have any questions, contact me.


For whom is this group?

If you’re seeking a supportive community to connect with other women and navigate the challenges of pregnancy, childbirth, and new parenthood, this group is for you. Whether you’ve had a difficult pregnancy, a traumatic birth experience, or you’re struggling with the postpartum period, you’ll find understanding and connection here. Perhaps certain remarks made to you in the hospital are still weighing on your mind. Whatever your experience, you’re welcome to join us.

For whom is this group not suitable?

If you feel it’s not the right time to address what you’ve been through, or if you believe hearing other women’s stories would be too challenging for you, consider joining at a later time or booking some private sessions.

Is this only for women who experienced traumatic births?

Whether or not you would categorize your birth as traumatic, taking the time to process and reflect on your birth story can be incredibly healing. If there are specific aspects of your birth/pregnancy/postpartum journey that you feel require attention or support, the meetings are there to provide a safe and understanding space for you.

If you are taking the time to read this, probably there is something about your journey, that you feel you want to address.

Do I have to share my whole story?

No, there will be lots of moments where you can work by yourself on what you bring with you. There will also be moments of sharing if you want to, but you do not have to share anything if you don’t want to. The idea is not just to tell stories but to work on parts of them, which is why there is no need to tell the whole story.

“It’s my babies nap time!” “My baby pulls himself up on shelves” “How should that work with bringing the baby?”

We are all moms; we understand how it is! The will be lots of flexibility.

Furthermore, there is a separate room where you can change diapers, lay the baby on a floor mattress, or park the stroller when the baby is sleeping.

All the shelves in the house are securely anchored to the wall for baby safety, and there are plenty of toys to keep your baby occupied.

How can I sign up?

Please fill out this registration form. (Only possible when the next group dates are decided upon. If you are interested in me informing you about the next group, please text me.)

Why a group and how big is the group?

The format of a group offers many benefits: it takes moms out of isolation, it can build connections, sharing can be a healing way of processing, and last but not least, the price of the group meetings is less than private sessions. There will be 4-7 participants. This allows for a group dynamic while remaining small enough to provide personalized support and a sense of privacy. You can also always book an additional private session if you want to have that more personalized and deeper work too.

Who is organizing this group?

Lea Reichel. MA, Doula, Birth Educator, B.O.T. certified.

Lea offers trauma-informed care in the field of birth, which includes birth prep for survivors of sexual violence, addressing fears, and birth processing. Here you can read more about Lea, here you can read more about birth processing and B.O.T.

Where are the meetings?

On Adam Street. Several buses go here and free parking on the street is available.

More questions?

Call or text me: 0584302519

Looking forward to talking to you!