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Prenatal Massage Jerusalem

Bodywork, Massage & Touch Therapy

You and your baby deserve to feel relaxed, happy, and in balance.

Pregnancy brings profound physical and emotional changes. My bodywork sessions offer a nurturing space for relaxation, release, and deeper connection with your body and baby. By easing tension and promoting balance, they support your body’s preparation for childbirth.

Research has shown the many benefits of prenatal massage & bodywork. These therapies help reduce stress and anxiety, ease common pregnancy discomforts like back pain, and offer holistic support for body, baby and mind.

Some studies even suggest that prenatal massage can impact birth outcomes and baby health, potentially reducing the risk of low birth weight and prematurity. Moreover, they can improve sleep, and boost overall mood, fostering a sense of connection and well-being for both you and your baby.

In my approach to bodywork, prenatal massage, and touch therapy, I utilize a diverse range of techniques customized to suit your needs. For instance, drawing inspiration from traditional Thai stretching techniques, I work with your body to relieve tension and improve mobility.

During massages, I focus on releasing tension by addressing the interconnectedness of the body. For example, common issues like breathing difficulties are addressed during the belly massage, while back pain is alleviated through stretches and back massages.

We can also incorporate exercises for strengthening, balancing, and stretches that you can continue doing at home. This holistic approach promotes comfort and mobility throughout your pregnancy, fostering overall well-being during this transformative journey & optimal preparation for childbirth.


I offer both single sessions and packages. In one-time sessions, I typically provide a full-body treatment (back, stomach, head, feet, face, legs & arms), focusing on specific areas according to your needs.

When you book a series of sessions, we not only allocate time for a relaxing massage but also for practicing techniques & bodywork that you can use at home to release tension and strengthen your body for more comfort in pregnancy and to prepare the body for birth.

One-Time Treatment

This option is perfect for a one-time bodywork session focused on relaxation and tension release through massage and stretches. The first meeting lasts up to 1.5 hours and includes a brief introductory chat to understand your preferences and needs, followed by a 50-minute treatment.

  • Price 1st meeting: 300 ₪

Fowling 1h meetings:

  • Price subsequent meetings: 230 ₪

Three-Times Package

We’ll have three sessions focused on releasing tension and relaxing, addressing challenges, or preparing the body for birth.

  • The first session lasts 1.5 hours.
  • The second and third sessions are each one hour.

Total cost: 720 ₪.

Weekly or bi-weekly

If you’re looking for regular massage sessions throughout your pregnancy in addition to comprehensive bodywork, the weekly or bi-weekly options are perfect.

For weekly sessions:

  • First month (4 sessions): 820 ₪
  • Subsequent months (4 sessions each): 760 ₪
  • Minimum commitment of two months.

For bi-weekly sessions:

  • First month (2 sessions): 500 ₪
  • Subsequent months (2 sessions): 390 ₪
  • Minimum commitment of three months.

More questions?

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