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Your Doula in Jerusalem and Surrounding Areas

Hi! I am Lea.

– certified doula in Jerusalem.

doula in jerusalem and surrounding areas

As your doula, I support you emotionally, physically, and informational

before, during, and after birth.

I speak English, Hebrew, and German and accompany births in the following hospitals: St.-Joseph, Shaarei Zedek, Hadassah Har Hazofim, Hadassah Ein Kerem, Asaf HaRofe as well as at home.

If you’re looking for a certified doula in Jerusalem, aiming to prepare towards a positive birth experience, I’d love to meet you for a free initial meeting.

How My Support Looks Like

I’m here to support you as a trauma-informed birth professional from pregnancy through childbirth and into the postpartum phase, creating a nurturing, non-judgmental atmosphere rooted in trust. My goal is to help you thrive, acquire evidence-based knowledge, find out what your personal needs are, give birth feeling empowered, and emerge from the experience ready to start the journey into parenthood with self-assurance.

Before Birth

The time before birth is built on a three-pillar foundation: a comprehensive birth preparation course, which is included in all of my doula packages; private prenatal meetings to deepen birth preparation; and continuous personal support.

I’ll customize the prenatal sessions to your needs, covering practical tools like birth positions, pelvic balancing, and breathing. Some packages include bodywork & prenatal massage. We will also address fears and past experiences or even traumatic previous births, and emotionally prepare accordingly.

By actively listening to your needs and preferences, we will identify coping mechanisms, and create a personalized toolkit & plan for your unique situation.

At Birth

When you welcome your baby into the world, I’ll support you throughout:

Physical Support: First things first, I’ll help you feel more comfortable. Depending on what you need and like, I can suggest using different tools like positions, and movements, massages, birthing scarves, and tackling challenges, like dealing with the baby’s position when needed.

Mental Support: I’m your birth companion, offering encouragement and support as well as trauma-informed care.

Informational Support & Advocacy: I assist in navigating important decisions and choices and am always on your side and by your side, no matter what you choose!

After Birth

My doula services include continuous care, which extends beyond birth.

In the first week, I’m here for newborn and postpartum care questions, to speak about the birth, and to do some first processing.

Additionally, we’ll schedule a follow-up meeting at your convenience. Depending on your preferences, we can discuss the practical and emotional aspects of this life-changing experience, conduct a birth processing session, do a belly massage that supports healing, or hold a closing ceremony.

We can also address any questions, engage in a supportive conversation, or I can assist you with daily chores.

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Prenatal Meetings

All of my doula packages include prenatal meetings, which will be tailored to your preferences and needs. Typically, these meetings focus on emotional & practical preparation, practicing tools, discussing your birth preferences, and creating a birth plan for various scenarios. We will have ample time to address any questions, fears, or concerns you may have, as well as to explore your baby’s position and practice positions and exercises that promote comfort and balance.


You can receive reimbursements of up to 2.700 NIS! Kupot Cholim offer paybacks of up to 2.200 NIS through supplemental plans such as Maccabi Sheli, Clalit Platinum, and more. Furthermore, most Jerusalem hospitals also offer up to 500 NIS reimbursement. Read more here.


Classic+ Doula Package

The Classic+ package is like a basic doula package, but with a little extra.

- Free initial consultation
- Comprehensive childbirth preparation course (more info here)
- 3 prenatal meetings
- 1 prenatal bodywork/massage
- On-call 24/7 from week 37 until birth
- Continuous Birth Support
- 1-2 hours of support after birth
- 2 postpartum meetings
- You will receive: A birth prep course notes booklet, a birth ball, a room spray for birth, printed exercises, affirmation cards.

Costs: 3000 NIS

Rite of Passage Package

This doula package ensures the highest level of doula support you can find with monthly meetings from the moment we start working together & 3 postpartum support sessions! These meetings provide the opportunity for more one-on-one support, time for additional bodywork, and increased emotional support.

- Free initial consultation
- 6-8 prenatal meetings (depended on when you book this package)
- 3 prenatal bodywork/massages (during the prenatal meetings)
- Comprehensive childbirth preparation course
- Unlimited phone & text support
- On-call 24/7 from week 37 until birth
- Continuous Birth Support
- 1-2 hours of support after birth
- 2 postpartum meetings
- 1 "closing the bones" - meeting (postpartum bodywork/ritual)
- You will receive: A birth prep course notes booklet, a birth ball, a room spray for birth, printed exercises, affirmation cards.

Costs: 4500 NIS

“Leyda Metakenet”

No matter whether you wish to include birth processing, trauma-sensitive birth preparation (for example, for survivors), or spend some extra time working on your fears, this package is tailored for you. We will use the B.O.T. approach to address your struggles.

- Free initial consultation
- 4 prenatal meetings, includes B.O.T. meetings.
- 1 prenatal bodywork/massage
- Comprehensive childbirth preparation course (more info here)
- Unlimited phone & text support
- On-call 24/7 from week 37 until birth
- Continuous Birth Support
- 1-2 hours of support after birth
- 2 postpartum meetings
- You will receive: A birth prep course notes booklet, a birth ball, a room spray for birth, printed exercises, affirmation cards.

Costs: 3200 NIS

Home Birth Doula

Perfect for expecting parents that plan a home birth and want to welcome a doula to their birth village – to support healthy labor in the intimate atmosphere of your home. (I am NOT replacing a midwife)

- Free initial consultation
- Comprehensive childbirth preparation course (more info here)
- 3 prenatal meetings + 1 prenatal bodywork/massage
- Unlimited phone & text support
- On-call 24/7 from week 37 until birth
- Continuous Birth Support
- 1-2 hours of support after birth
- 2 postpartum meetings
- You will receive: A birth prep course notes booklet, a birth ball, a room spray for birth, printed exercises, affirmation cards.

Costs: 2800 NIS
If you select the "mefanek package" for a home birth, the cost is 4300.

C-Section / Belly Birth

Perfect for parents that have a planned c-section and want to have a doula to accompany them through the journey of becoming parents.

- Free initial consultation
- 2 prenatal meetings
- 1 prenatal bodywork/massage
- Access to the KBBirth Prep Course
- Unlimited phone & text support
- On-call 24/7 from week 37 for the case the birth starts earlier than planned
- Continuous Support in the hospital on the day of birth
- 1-2 hours of support after birth
- 2 postpartum meetings
- A room spray, affirmation cards, and more

Costs: 2600 NIS

Birth Again with Lea

This package is designed for couples whom I've supported in the past. Witnessing families grow is a true blessing

- 3 meetings, 1-2 before birth and 1-2 after birth, depending on your preference.
- 1 prenatal bodywork/massage
- Unlimited phone & text support
- Access to the KBBirth Prep Course, so you can repeat what you want to watch again.
- On-call 24/7 from week 37 until birth
- Continuous Birth Support
- 1-2 hours of support after birth

Costs: 2400NIS

Extra Services

Additional prenatal/postpartum meeting: 350 NIS

Additional private KBBirth preparation course (6 prenatal meetings of 3h each): 1500 NIS

Prenatal bodywork & massage session 200 instead of 240 NIS. 3 massages for 540 NIS

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How to Get Started?

“Amazing course, super informative and clearly explained practical knowledge.
I had Lea as my Doula as well, and she was a calming presence in the room, guiding me by telling me what to expect at every stage as the stages were happening. This contributed to my having a positive birth experience. I highly recommend her, both for the course and as a Doula.”

E. & A. Second-Time Parents, more reviews you can read here


If I have questions during pregnancy, can I contact you?

Yes, of course! I am here for you throughout all of the journey. We will also have a WhatsApp group with you, your partner, and me to make communication easier.

Why are there no pictures of you with newborn babies and moms who just have given birth?

The short answer is: Privacy! The longer answer is: I would never ask you to take a picture with your newborn baby and you in the hospital or a similar setting. It is an honor for me to accompany you, but I do everything in my power to not disturb your bonding with the baby. I truly believe in honoring the trust you have given me and ensuring that your privacy is protected at all times.

How long have you been working as a doula?

I started to accompany births in June 2023 as part of my internship and finished my studies in October 2023. In the birth of field, I am working since January 2021 as a birth educator and since 2022 I have offered B.O.T. sessions (prenatal & postnatal)

Is it a good idea to hire a relatively new doula?

Each birth is a unique event, and my fresh perspective enables me to adapt to circumstances without preconceived notions. This flexibility allows me to respond effectively to any situation that arises during your birthing journey, as I am trained to do. Even if I had attended numerous births, yours would still be unique due to the blend of emotions, situations, and personal factors. By choosing a doula like me who embraces this mindset of adaptability, you ensure that your journey receives the personalized attention and care it deserves.

I want to clarify that, even though I’m relatively new as a doula, I’ve supported births in all of Jerusalem’s hospitals. So, while I may be newer to the scene, I’m not completely inexperienced. I’ve actually spent several years working in this field, which has given me a good understanding of birthing processes and maternal care. When I attended my first birth, the midwives were surprised because I seemed experienced. Additionally, my academic background helps me stay updated with research, so I can provide support based on the latest evidence.

When do I pay you?

In general, a retainer fee is paid when we start working together, a second payment is paid once I go on call and the remaining balance 2 weeks after birth. Depending on your insurance, it might be better to pay differently, which we will figure out then. If you need a more spread-out payment plan, we can discuss this as well.

What does the price include?

The prices include the services of each package and include all expenses on my side (the materials I provide during birth preparation, the items I bring with me to support you during the birth, and my traveling costs, such as gas, parking, or taxi fare if a taxi is needed)

Can I get a discount?

First of all, there are reimbursements available through the Kupot Cholim and hospitals, here you can find more information.

You are very welcome to share your financial difficulties with me, and together we can figure out an installment plan that works for both of us.

I love see families grow – I give a discount to families who I have accompanied in the past.

How long are the meetings?

The prenatal meetings last up to 2 hours. The postpartum meetings last 1 – 1.5 hours.

Where do the meetings take place?

I am working as doula in Jerusalem and surrounding areas. Most of the meetings take place on Adam Street in Jerusalem. For the last prenatal meeting, I will come to you so that I know where to find you on the big day in case you need me to be there when you are still at home. For the first postpartum meeting, I will also come to you. If you live in Arnona or Armon haNaziv we can do more of the meetings in your place if you prefer that. If you life further away there is a small extra fee involved if you want me to come to your place.

When do the meetings take place?

This depends on the package you book, the standard time when to meet with the basic+ package is 29, 33 and 37 weeks before birth 4-7 days after birth, and 2-6 weeks after birth. Being a doula means being available for women who are in their due date window 24/7 and leaving my family and anything I am doing within very short notice, day and night, weekday and Shabbat, or holiday. To be able to provide this challenging service the pre- and postnatal meetings are limited to daytime hours during the week. Once a week I offer meetings in the afternoon and every two or three weeks on Fridays.

You can easily book the meetings online!

When do you join me during birth?

We will keep in contact right from the beginning of labor, and even pre-labor, so I can provide phone support when needed. Usually, I join once labor is established, but I do not follow any rules about how far dilated you ‘have to’ be or that you already need to be in the hospital. Once you have strong contractions and need an extra set of hands for support, I am here for you. I am also happy to come to your place before going to the hospital. Of course, we will also talk about this during our prenatal visits.

How long does it take you to get to me?

One of the reasons why it’s important to be in contact already during early labor is so that I can get ready to come to you as quickly as possible once you request my presence. If I already know that birth is going to happen soon, I can usually leave within minutes to get to you in a very short amount of time. If labor starts suddenly, it can take me up to 2 hours plus traffic to get to you within Jerusalem, but usually, I am by your side much faster.

I am religious, what happens if I go into labor during Shabat or Chag?

Please call me! Research shows that doula support improves birth outcomes, such as reducing the need for c-sections and interventions. I follow a ruling that considers doula support during birth as falling under pikuach nefesh, which is why, as a doula, I am allowed to be on-call 24/7. As it’s not clear exactly why doula work is so effective, whether it’s the emotional, physical, or informational aspect, I can support you in the same way I would on any other day, ensuring that the benefits of having a doula are fully realized. Of course, if you have any other requests because you follow different rulings, please let me know.

How many births a month do you accept?

Up to 3. In the unlikely event that I cannot attend your birth due to illness or because I am assisting another birth, I have a backup in place.

What is a doula and why should I need one if I anyway have a midwife?

You can read more about this great question, here.

When should I hire you?

Whenever it is the right time for you! Read more here.

*Can I sign up in the KBBirth course and afterward book you as my doula?

Yes, definitely, but I only accept up to 3 births a month, and I am saving your spot only once you sign up for doula services. If you choose to proceed in this manner, the fee you paid for the course will count towards the overall doula fee.

Can you check my dilation?

No! Doulas are not allowed to check dilation. Doulas who claim they can do this is a big red flag! As a note on this, I also support moving away from dilation-focused birth support towards women-and-baby-centered birth support. There are valid reasons to do cervical examinations (by a midwife or doctor), but there are so many more signs to gauge how birth is progressing and dilation is everything but linear.

What method do you work with?

The ‘You-Method,’ that’s what I call it. I want to get to know you and learn about your needs. I am not here to impose any agenda on you or convince you to have one form of birth or another. I am here to provide information, offer non-judgmental support, and help you on YOUR journey. This is your birth, and you are the boss. We will spend a lot of time getting to know each other, so I can learn about your preferences and needs.

To tell you a bit about how I work: I love working with supporting physiology. I believe that during any type of birth, there is a lot to do to help your body give birth. I concentrate on supporting movements and positions that are suitable for the baby’s station in the pelvis. I also want you to feel safe and at home to have your hormones work optimally, and to do this we can use relaxation techniques, breathing, and more. In addition, there are tools like back massage and birth scarves that I use both to support the baby on its journey and for you to feel more comfortable. If I see everything is going smoothly and there is no need for “doula interventions,” I am sometimes “only” providing the support of reassurance and holding the space. Every birth is unique! Depending on your preferences and the course of the birthing process, as a team, we will decide what actions to take based on the circumstances.

The Core of My Care

Continuous Care

Countless studies have highlighted the immense benefits of continuous care, which is why I make it a point to be there for you every step of the way. From the moment we start our journey together, I’ll be by your side through all the ups and downs of your journey.

To truly understand your unique needs, we will have prenatal meetings. I believe this is crucial in creating a comfortable and supportive environment, and truly prepare for birth.

Our first meeting can take place as early as your first trimester if you wish. And most importantly, when the big day arrives, you can count on me to be there. As soon as you need me, I’ll be available and in constant contact until I will join you. I’m here to make your birth experience as smooth and stress-free as possible, so you can focus on what matters – welcoming your little one into the world with joy and confidence.

But my support doesn’t end with the birth of your baby. As a new parent, you’ll need just as much care and attention, which is why I also include post-birth meetings in all of my packages.

Individualized Care

I aim to support you throughout your journey, and ultimately, the decisions you make are entirely yours. I am here to provide you with information and offer guidance when necessary. Whether you opt for one path or another, please know that I am always on your side. As your doula, my role is to offer unconditional care and understanding, without any form of judgment.


As your doula, my aim is to make you feel supported and connected from the very beginning of your family journey. I am here to provide support not only to the birthing mom but also to the non-birthing partner who undergoes significant life changes too. Moreover, during the birth process, I will be there to assist the non-birthing parent in supporting the birthing parent.


Many women have gone through difficult experiences such as sexual abuse, pregnancy losses, or a traumatic birth. That’s why I have made it my mission to offer trauma-informed care. I’m genuinely interested in getting to know you and your unique needs, so that I can offer you the personalized support you deserve. If you feel comfortable doing so, we can use some of our prenatal visits to talk about any trauma you may have experienced and how it might impact your birth journey. I am committed to helping you feel heard, valued, and supported.


My ultimate goal is to empower you by providing the best evidence-based information and supporting you in making informed decisions for your family. With my academic background, I am equipped to guide you through these decisions using evidence-based knowledge. It’s not just about the information – I also want to help you discover what YOU need during birth by discovering your inner self-knowledge. Together, we will create a supportive and connected environment where you can confidently welcome your new baby into the world.

More questions?

Call or text me: 0584302519

Looking forward talking to you!