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Closing of the Body / Bones

This ceremony & bodywork, rooted in Mexican tradition, marks a significant rite of passage. It is a beautiful way to honor oneself after birth, but it can also hold deep meaning in marking other forms of endings and new beginnings, such as after a stillbirth, divorce, miscarriage, or similar experiences.

Central to the Closing of the Body ceremony is the “Closing of the Bones,” where scarves are used to envelop and deeply cover the body with strong pressure. After your body has expanded and opened during pregnancy and childbirth, during the closing of the bones, your body will be rocked, bound, and closed using 7 scarves (rebozos).

The process simultaneously relaxes and awakens the body, allowing for the integration of physical and emotional aspects of experiences.

The Closing the Bones ceremony facilitates physical realignment of the pelvis post-birth, promoting pelvic stability and long-term health, while also providing a safe space for emotional release, closure, in the transition to motherhood.

Adapted to meet the needs of women in Israel, I offer variations including combining it with birth processing, offering only the bodywork component, or hosting a group ceremony with friends or family.

You can do this as early as around 3 weeks after birth, but also years later – whenever you feel you want to honor your body and soul for what it went through.


Closing of the Bones Treatment

This includes an introductory conversation about your birth, a belly massage, and the bodywork of “closing of the bones”. After the treatment, we will drink a warming tea and have some last words about your experience.

Alone or with the help of one friend in my home clinic.

Around 2.5 hours

Price: 600NIS

Birth Processing & Closing of the Bones

We will meet 3 times. During the first 2 meetings, we will concentrate on birth processing/processing of pregnancy loss, or similar, and during the 3rd meeting, we will also do the closing of bones treatment.

Alone or with a partner. In my home clinic.

Meeting 1 + 2, each 1h 15min; meeting 3 is 2.5-3 hours

Price: 1100NIS

Closing of the Bones – Full Ceremony

This is the full ceremony, including a bath/shower you take by yourself with herbs I will bring, time to talk about the birth as a rite of passage (you can choose if you want this to be spiritual, include Jewish aspects etc.), and the bodywork of “closing the bones”.

Alone or with friends/family in your place (within Jerusalem)

3-3.5 hours

Price: 980NIS

More questions?

Call or text me: 0584302519

Looking forward to talking to you!