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Knowledge-Based Birth

because knowledge is power

by Lea Reichel, MA, doula, birth educator, B.O.T.

My Services

Hi, I am Lea.

Motivated by the transformative experience of birth and motherhood and a profound commitment to providing empathetic guidance throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period, I shifted my career from academia to specialize in childbirth education and doula services.

I offer to accompany you as a birth professional throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period, providing a nurturing environment based on trust and personalized care. The goal is for you to thrive, gain knowledge, give birth in a way that suits you, recover, form a strong bond with your newborn, and transition into parenthood with confidence.

Your Birth Matters!

Why Knowledge-Based Birth?

Realizing that many parents don’t receive continuous support and comprehensive preparation during this important time, I founded Knowledge-Based Birth to bridge this gap.

It doesn’t really matter how your baby decides to arrive; what matters is that you have all the knowledge and tools that you need to experience the best possible birth for your unique circumstances – because when women feel empowered during their birthing experiences, they can emerge from it as powerful women and mothers.

My services are designed to provide you with various types of knowledge: from transferring evidence-based information to sharing female wisdom and promoting the fostering of self-knowledge; because


Did you discover that you are pregnant

and are unsure of where to begin?

Birth in Israel

Olot Chadashot and other non-native Hebrew speakers face special difficulties during their pregnancy in Israel. Being a (not so new) Olah Chadasha myself I understand the struggles. Are you from the US and surprised by the possibility of not seeing a doctor during birth? Are you from the UK and longing for midwife-led care? Are you from Brazil and perplexed why a c-section is not suggested to you? Are you from the Netherlands and puzzled by the doctor’s judgemental reaction when asking about home birth options? Here comes the secret: Birth is culture too!

To support a positive experience, my goal is to help you gain practical knowledge, learn techniques, and receive information to navigate the Israeli maternity care system. Ensuring the best physical and emotional outcomes for both mother and baby is my highest priority.

Discover How KBBirth Empowered Parents-to-Be Like You

Before doing this course I was fearful over giving birth. But I have to commend Lea Reichel for an incredible course. Not only is it full of rich information about the whole birthing process but Lea is a fantastic birthing coach, always being available for any questions you may have.
This course allows you to prepare at your own speed, rewatch videos for information and amazing content to download in order to be 100% prepared for the big day.
I definitely recommend this course!

– Adina, online course
Amazing course, super informative and clearly explained practical knowledge.
I had Lea as my Doula as well, and she was a calming presence in the room, guiding me by telling me what to expect at every stage as the stages were happening. This contributed to my having a a positive birth experience. I highly recommend her, both for the course and as a Doula.

Elisheva&Avi, online course & doula
I highly recommend Knowledge Based Birth to any couple going through pregnancy. The instructor is passionate, knowledgeable and so welcoming. She gave us a wide array of knowledge which helped us prepare for the birth, helped us during the labor process and afterwards as well. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with the course and how much it impacted us during this special time in our lives.

-Avi&Ilana, private course
I cannot thank you enough for the course and your amazing support. I managed to breath properly and remain calm with the tools we learned. My husband was an amazing birth partner, as was my mom. Your course was invaluable for the birth. My husband and I were both prepared and felt comfortable advocating for ourselves.

-D&E, private course
Lea’s course was extremely comprehensive and thorough, and really walked me through every aspect of the lead up to labour and labour itself! I found it very informative and useful to know what to expect, and the practical tools to help me through the journey were extremely valuable. The supporting material and documents were also very helpful to have. Lea was always available and responsive to any questions along the way which was much appreciated!

-Joella, online course
We really enjoyed working with Lea in the KBBirth Preparation course! Not only was she professional and prepared but we also appreciated all of the extra handouts, research, and guided meditations. The course itself covered so many topics and allowed us to discuss fears during birth, learn breathwork and helpful poses, and also covered very helpful topics like postpartum and medical interventions. We highly recommend working with Lea and appreciate her knowledge and attitude very much!

-Tal, private course

The Blog

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