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Tears Tears Tears

A topic most pregnant women are afraid about Evidence-Based Birth had a public webinar on how to prevent tears. The most influential factor is the provider! In short :-Avoiding episiotomies prevents tears. -Being in an upright position without an epidural is overall helpful (more 2nd-degree… Read More »Tears Tears Tears

Birthing Positions

Did you know that birthing in an upright position can be beneficial for baby and mom? Did you know that when giving birth with an epidural lying on the side (not on the back) might help you achieve better results? Did you know that the… Read More »Birthing Positions

positive Affirmations

Do you think all births are as chaotic and scary as the one of Katherine Heigl in Knocked up? Yes? – You are not alone! For this reason, positive affirmations are part of the positive reinforcement so that you can get a more positive and… Read More »positive Affirmations

C-Section Rate in Israel

In Israel, the c-section rate is around 20%. This seems low compared to the US, where the c-section rate is over 31%, or Brazil where it is 55% and in private Brazilian hospitals even 84%. However, the WHO recommends a c-section rate of 10-15%. This… Read More »C-Section Rate in Israel