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Birthing Positions

Did you know that birthing in an upright position can be beneficial for baby and mom? Did you know that when giving birth with an epidural lying on the side (not on the back) might help you achieve better results? Did you know that the WHO recommends that women in labor, with or without epidural, should adopt any position they like, including upright positions in all stages of birth?

My tip: Request a midwife which supports birthing in upright positions already during admission in the hospital because not all midwives in Israel are educated in supporting this choice. Here is some more information on the topic:”Researchers believe that giving birth in an upright position can benefit the mother and baby for several physiologic reasons. Physiologic refers to a healthy body’s normal function. In an upright position, gravity can help bring the baby down and out. Also, when someone is upright to give birth, there is less risk of compressing the mother’s aorta, which means there is a better oxygen supply to the baby. Upright positioning also helps the uterus contract more strongly and efficiently and helps the baby get in a better position to pass through the pelvis. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies have shown that compared to the back-lying position, the dimensions of the pelvic outlet become wider in the squatting and kneeling or hands-and-knees positions (Gupta et al. 2017). Finally, research has shown that upright birthing positions may increase maternal satisfaction and lead to more positive birth experiences (Thies-Lagergren 2013).”

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