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C-Section Rate in Israel

In Israel, the c-section rate is around 20%. This seems low compared to the US, where the c-section rate is over 31%, or Brazil where it is 55% and in private Brazilian hospitals even 84%. However, the WHO recommends a c-section rate of 10-15%. This means that 25-50% of all c-section in Israel are medically unnecessary. Of course, it should always be the pregnant person making the decision if a c-section is the right choice for her and her baby. But do women always have all the information necessary to make an informed decision? For example, is it really הסכמה מדעת (informed consent) when women whose babies are breech are told the only option available to them is a c-section?

Do you want to know more about the recommendation from the WHO? See below:“Since 1985, the international healthcare community has considered the ideal rate for caesarean sections to be between 10-15%. Since then, caesarean sections have become increasingly common in both developed and developing countries. When medically necessary, a caesarean section can effectively prevent maternal and newborn mortality. Two new HRP studies show that when caesarean section rates rise towards 10% across a population, the number of maternal and newborn deaths decreases. When the rate goes above 10%, there is no evidence that mortality rates improve.”…/maternal…/cs-statement/en/