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Private & Semi-Private Course

Do you want to receive top-notch birth preparation that covers emotional, practical, and informational aspects and treat yourself to a private or semi-private course for the most personalized preparation possible?

If so, this course is a perfect fit for you!


Understanding Birth

  • So, What is Birth?
  • How Birth Happens: What Moms and Babies Go Through Together
  • Using What We Know About Birth to Make It a Positive Experience
  • Creating a Supportive Birth Environment


Emotions and Relaxation

  • Addressing Fears: Fears as a Chance to Thrive
  • Boosting Confidence with a Balance of Acceptance of the Hard, Positive Thinking and Mindfulness
  • Learning Relaxation Techniques for a More Comfortable Birth, Hypnobirthing Tools


Birth from a Medical Perspective

  • The Medical Side of Birth: Knowing About Interventions & Medical Pain Relief Options
  • Insight into Israeli Maternity Care
  • Making Informed Choices: Understanding Your Options & Rights


Practical Skills for Labor

  • Preparing for Labor: Practical Tips for a Smoother Experience, Covering Positions, Movements, and Practical Tools.
  • Building Your Toolkit for Birth: Coping Strategies and Comfort Measures for a More Comfortable Experience, Pain Management


Birth Planning and Beyond

  • Personalized Birth Plans for Different Scenarios: Crafting Yours for an Empowering Birth – for Any Type of Birth
  • What to Expect After Birth: Preparing for the Postpartum Journey
  • Introduction to (Breast)feeding


Meeting After Birth: Processing & Navigating

  • Processing Your Birth Experience: Finding First Closure and Healing
  • Transitioning to Post-Birth Life: Navigating Challenges and Celebrating Life
  • Building a Supportive Community for Life After Birth
  • Strengthen your Body and Mind after Birth

✔️ 11 Hours of Comprehensive Lessons: Dive deep into a wealth of knowledge, practical exercises & emotional preparation.

✔️ Access to Information After the Course: Access online videos & exercises after the course ends, so you can redo what you want, whenever you want to.

✔️ Personalized Follow-Up Support: I am available for questions even after the course ends.

✔️ Comprehensive Resource Kit: Your toolkit includes a printed booklet, affirmation cards, engaging exercises, and soothing relaxation scripts & audios.

✔️ Exclusive Community Access: Join our private Facebook community, connecting with fellow parents on the same journey during the course.

✔️ Bride Language Barriers: Hebrew-English birth dictionary & Orientation through what to expect in the Israeli maternity care system

✔️ Tailored Birth Plan: Streamline your preparations with a customizable birth plan template for any birth, no matter how it goes.

✔️ And So Much More: Discover additional valuable resources that will enrich your childbirth experience.

Private full course: 4 meetings, 3 hours each: starting at 2500, online or in Jerusalem

You might be eligible for a 75% refund through your Kupat Cholim + 500 NIS from selected hospitals! Read more here.

Where? In Jerusalem in your or my home (additional fee if you life more than 20 minutes drive away from Adam Street), or Online. 3 meetings of 3 hours before birth, one 2-hour meeting afterwards.

Costs Private complete course: 2500 NIS / 1500 for doula clients

Semi-private course: Sign-up together with a friend and you both pay each 1400 NIS.

Private single meetings (if you gave birh before): If you want to focus only on certain aspects of birth preparation and not do the full course, for example to repeat the most important information on certain topics, feel free to contact me and I will give you an individualized offer based on your wishes. Costs are 450 NIS/2 hours session. 2 sessions for 800 NIS