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What is a TENS Machine? How to Get a TENS Machine for Birth in Israel?

You can borrow a TENS machine for birth from “Yad Sarah” free of charge, with a refundable deposit upon return. Yad Sarah also sells electrodes for 20 NIS. The loan period is one month, specifically from weeks 37 to 38. It is recommended to check with the branch near you to confirm if they have the device in stock.

Yad Sarah offers two models: the white-purple model called Obi TENS, which is the older and more basic version preferred by many women due to its ease of operation and fewer functions.

The gray model, featuring a large screen, is the newer version. It includes several programs that simulate different types of massages.

It is advisable to experiment with the device to find the preferred program. In addition, there is a company that offers rentals of newer machines that are expected to provide slightly better performance. However, the rental cost is similar to purchasing one from abroad. If you have plans to travel abroad or if you have a visiting family member, it may be worthwhile to consider the possibility of buying one. Please note that if you decide to order one from an online platform like Amazon, you may need to obtain approval from the Ministry of Health (Misrad HaBriut). They will send you a somewhat confusing form to fill out once the device arrives in Israel.

Before using it, please read the instructions carefully and place the adhesive pads in the correct positions (on the back only!). Ensure that the device is functioning properly (the electrodes can be reused approximately 10 times). Important: remember to have an extra set of batteries on hand.

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