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The Journey of the Cervix

A fun moment during the course is showing the journey of the cervix with the help of a balloon and a table tennis ball.

The cervix is the opening of the uterus. During vaginal birth, it needs to shorten, soften, change position, thin and open, so that baby can be born. A mixture of hormones helps during this progress. Prostaglandin, relaxin, and oxytocin work in perfect harmony.

Sometimes when a woman chooses an internal examination to determine how far she is dilated she is told that it’s “only 2 cm”, or 1 cm or 3 cm. Why isn’t she told that she is already 2 cm? The cervix has been through quite a journey when it has dilated 2 cm: it has thinned, softened, usually changed position from posterior to midline or anterior, and even opened 2cm!

If somebody tells you that you are only 2 cm dilated, you can answer “I am already 2 cm dilated! Awesome” 😄

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