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Group Birth Prep Course in Jerusalem- Meshulav

The KBBirth prep group course is designed to guide you through the journey from pregnancy, through birth, and into the postpartum period-
I invite you to go on this journey together and get ready to welcome your little one with confidence & knowledge.

Group Courses start upon request of at least 4 women/couples

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Receive up to reimbursements from your Kupat Chlim and hospitals! Read more

How does it work?

5 meetings of 2.5 hours each during pregnancy + 1 meeting of 2 hours after birth, access to online course for 9 months.

Price: 1400 NIS.

If you encounter financial difficulties due to the current situation or similar circumstances and require an installment plan, please contact me.

The location will be in southern Jerusalem.

I want to join this journey!


Understanding Birth

  • So, What is Birth?
  • How Birth Happens: What Moms and Babies Go Through Together
  • Using What We Know About Birth to Make It a Positive Experience
  • Creating a Supportive Birth Environment


Emotions and Relaxation

  • Addressing Fears: Fears as a Chance to Thrive
  • Boosting Confidence with a Balance of Acceptance of the Hard, Positive Thinking and Mindfulness
  • Learning Relaxation Techniques for a More Comfortable Birth, Hypnobirthing Tools


Birth from a Medical Perspective

  • The Medical Side of Birth: Knowing About Interventions & Medical Pain Relief Options
  • Insight into Israeli Maternity Care
  • Making Informed Choices: Understanding Your Options & Rights


Practical Skills for Labor

  • Preparing for Labor: Practical Tips for a Smoother Experience, Covering Positions, Movements, and Practical Tools.
  • Building Your Toolkit for Birth: Coping Strategies and Comfort Measures for a More Comfortable Experience, Pain Management


Birth Planning and Beyond

  • Personalized Birth Plans for Different Scenarios: Crafting Yours for an Empowering Birth – for Any Type of Birth
  • What to Expect After Birth: Preparing for the Postpartum Journey
  • Introduction to (Breast)feeding


Meeting After Birth: Processing & Navigating

  • Processing Your Birth Experience: Finding First Closure and Healing
  • Transitioning to Post-Birth Life: Navigating Challenges and Celebrating Life
  • Building a Supportive Community
  • Strengthen your Body and Mind after Birth

Who is the Birth Educator?

Lea Reichel, MA, certified doula, birth educator, B.O.T. facilitator

Lea’s mission is to empower parents for birth in Israel. She provides evidence-based information while also offering compassionate and comprehensive guidance. Certified in trauma-informed care, she nurtures a non-judgmental space for parents to grow, focusing on enabling the best possible start into parenthood.