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Group Course

Do you want to receive top-notch birth preparation that covers emotional, practical, and informational aspects, while sharing this journey with others just like you?

If so, this course is a perfect fit for you!


Understanding Birth

  • So, What is Birth?
  • How Birth Happens: What Moms and Babies Go Through
  • Using What We Know About Birth to Make It a Positive Experience
  • Creating a Supportive Birth Environment


Emotions and Relaxation

  • Addressing Fears: Find Peace with Fears
  • Boosting Confidence with a Balance of Acceptance, Positive Thinking and Mindfulness
  • Learning Relaxation Techniques for a more Comfortable Birth


Birth from a Medical Perspective

  • The Medical Side of Birth: Knowing About Interventions & Medical Pain Relief
  • Making Informed Choices: Understanding Your Options & Rights
  • Ensuring a Comprehensive Approach to Birth Care


Practical Skills for Labor

  • Preparing for Labor: Practical Tips for a Smooth Experience
  • Building Your Toolkit for Birth: Coping Strategies and Comfort Measures
  • Equipping Yourself with Key Skills for a Positive Birth


Birth Planning and Beyond

  • Personalized Birth Plans for Different Scenarios: Crafting Yours for an Empowering Birth
  • What to Expect After Birth: Preparing for the Postpartum Journey
  • Introduction to (Breast)feeding


Meeting After Birth: Processing & Navigating

  • Processing Your Birth Experience: Finding First Closure and Healing
  • Transitioning to Post-Birth Life: Navigating Challenges and Celebrating Success
  • Building a Supportive Community for Life After Birth

✔️ 14 Hours of Comprehensive Lessons: Dive deep into a wealth of knowledge, practical exercises & emotional preparation.

✔️ Personalized Follow-Up Support: I am available for questions even after the course ends.

✔️ Comprehensive Resource Kit: Your toolkit includes a printed booklet, affirmation cards, engaging exercises, and soothing relaxation scripts & audios.

✔️ Exclusive Community Access: Join our private Facebook community, connecting with fellow parents on the same journey during the course.

✔️ Bride Language Barriers: Hebrew-English birth dictionary & Orientation through what to expect in the Israeli maternity care system

✔️ Tailored Birth Plan: Streamline your preparations with a customizable birth plan template for any birth, no matter how it goes.

✔️ And So Much More: Discover additional valuable resources that will enrich your childbirth experience.

Duration: 14 hours (6 meetings, or 2 day workshop + 1 postpartum meeting)

Costs: 1200 NIS / 600 NIS for doula clients

You might be eligible for a 75% refund through your Kupat Cholim + 500 NIS from selected hospitals! Read more here.